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How does Safe Guard Surfacing Poured-In-Place compare to wood chips, Sand and Gravel (Loose Fill)?

On average the Safe Guard Surfacing system will pay for itself in less than 3 to 4 years, and will be less expensive than wood chips, sand, or gravel over time. Wood chips, sand or gravel will become displaced every time a child goes down a slide or a swing. Wood chips, sand, or gravel needs to be racked back into place every time children play on the surface and Wood chips will disintegrate after several months. Loose fill material creates a mess over the entire site. There are additional concerns of glass, animal waste, bugs, and other bacteria that can form. The cost of maintenance and replacement yearly will equal the same amount over 3 to 4 years than the initial up front cost of the Safe Guard Surfacing System.


How long does it take to install?

A typical installation takes about 3 to 5 days depending on the over all size of the play area. A particular lead-time to notify Safe Guard Surfacing would be 3 to 5xxxxz weeks.


Do you have your own designs, (animals, pictures, etc) or do I have to supply them?

Safe Guard Surfacing can and do supply some basic designs at a minimum additional cost. We do typically ask that you provide us with a scalable drawing that we can have produced in the field. Ask one of sales associates which direction would be best to meet your needs and budget.


What kind of subsurface do I need?

The various safety surfaces that we provide are very flexible and can be installed over compact sand, gravel, concrete, and asphalt. We ask that on any compacted aggregate you should lay a minimum of 4 to 6 inches of compacted material for proper drainage. Asphalt and concrete will needs to have drains or be sloped to one side at about a 2% slope. For optimum installations we recommend concrete and asphalt.


Are all the colors the same price?

Safe Guard Surfacing offers a wide variety of colors with our standard colors ranging from:
Terra Cotta, Green, Beige, Blue. Other colors may be slightly higher priced. And multi color designs are priced based on the complexity and amount of color changes in the system.


Do you install in my area?

Safe Guard Surfacing prides itself in being one of the few companies that truly utilizes 100% of its own crews completing the installations nationwide. We have found over the years that having dedicated technicians completing the installation create better Consistency, Quality Controls, Caring, and Pride. This is what builds our solid 21-year reputation as an industry leader in Superior Quality.


Is there a rep in my area?

Safe Guard Surfacing has created a network of “Rep Partners” nationwide. Our “Rep Partners” allows us to better serve YOU our client. These “Rep Partners” are highly trained individuals that will aid you in conjunction with our in-house sales associates in educating you on different surface materials that is best suited for your site condition and budget.


What information do you need from me to get a quote?

Typically the basics are: Square Footage, Playground Equipment Manufactures recommended fall height, Color, Design, and access to the site. Either fill out a “Quote Request” online or call us at 1-800-791-0657.


Where can I purchase the product?

Through one of our authorized “Rep Partners” or Safe Guard Surfacing Factory Direct if we don’t have a “Rep Partner” in your area.


Can homeowners purchase the product directly from Safe Guard Surfacing?

Yes, Homeowners, Contractors, PTA’s, Daycares, Schools, Military, Government, Municipalities, Theme Parks, Corporations, International Clients have been our customers. The pricing may range from ~$9-$14 a square foot.


Can it be installed on rooftops?

Yes, a good percentage of our urban projects have been roof top installations; please consult with one of our sales associates to walk you through this fairly easy process.


What are the best colors used?

Generally, earth tones to darker colors seem to be optimum installations. These colors will conceal dirt the best.


What about repairs?

Repairs are handled with ease with any of our products. The SaferZone Mats or Funtiles can just be replaced and the Poured-In-Place is just cut out and re-poured. With older projects it is sometimes difficult to match the existing color due to fading over time. We generally recommend cutting out a shape or design and pouring in a completely different color as to create the illusion that this design was intended.


What determines the price of Poured-In-Place surfacing?

Our surfacing pricing is determined by several factors. The primary factors are: The size of the project, the colors used, any designs, access to the site. Several other factors also need considered, that is why each project is uniquely priced.


Does it really let water drain through the system?

Safe Guard Surfacing’s Poured-In-Place surface has small openings throughout the system that will allow water to pass through freely to existing drains or slope to nearest drain.


Is Poured-In-Place Surfacing affordable for small jobs?

Yes, Generally the most cost-effective project ranges from 700/sf and higher with the average being 3000/sf. Safe Guard Surfacing has completed all types and sizes of projects ranging from 100/sf to 20,000/sf. The larger the amount of surfacing being installed is amortized over the entire project, making it more “cost effective” to complete a larger project. Let us know what your budget is and we can usually customize an installation that best suits your needs.


Can we use the surface in water areas to prevent slip/fall accidents?

Absolutely! Everyone of our surfacing products meet strict guidelines regarding slip resistance and our products are an excellent application for this type of use.